Who we are

PEACEF (Probity Expansive Assist Committee Economic Foundation) has been working as an NGO in Bangladesh since 2009. It is concerned, not only with the poverty alleviation but also with self-employment activities. It is a non-government, nonprofit and non-political voluntary welfare and development organization. It was established by a few enlightened social workers, educationists, and teachers. This organization was founded to work for human resource development, education, health, and nutrition, environment preservation, income-generating activities, etc. for the poor and underprivileged group of people, especially for women and children.

This organization is devoted to building our actions both physically and morally. Orphans, poor and distressed women, and children were the focus of our special care and attention. Besides, PEACEF is committed to helping the destitute people, to make them self-employed, so that they can contribute to the economic development of the country.


The vision of PEACEF is to establish a just society, which is free from hunger, ignorance, social injustice, violence, oppression and other forms of exploitation, and where peace, progress, tranquility, and development prevail.


The institutional mission of PEACEF is to develop and empower all persons and communities in situations of Poverty, Social Injustice, Ignorance, Violence, Terrorism, Exploitation and all forms of sufferings through broadly promoting Education, Mutual Understanding and Collaboration, Poverty Alleviation, Health, Skills Development and Awareness Building.


→ PEACEF has a strong team

→ High standard & Low cost implementation (as per commitment with the donor)

→ PEACEF is transparent

→ Proper and perfect documentation

→ Authentication by the Government officials

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